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3D Image flooring

Here we give 3D image on the floor that gives an illusion that looks like it is real when someone enters that area.

It makes a person part of their own 3D image floor.

Easy to clean with ane cleaning chemicals used for floor cleaning.


In addition to the elegant aesthetic characteristics, originality and freshness of this design solution, self-leveling floor with 3D effect has a number of advantages:

  • strength and long service life,

  • resistance to moisture and chemicals,

  • ease of care,

  • environmental friendliness,

  • safety of operation (fire resistance, hygiene),

  • the ability to install in any room.


How to choose image

For application to the floor, you can choose absolutely any image, but it is worth remembering that 3D Image floors are a long-term option of finishing, and therefore don't need to obey momentary desires. Better to stop the choice on natural images: the sea, sand, mountains, pebbles, plants, animals, etc. These drawings you can further decorate "burned" into the coating seashells, sand, decorative stones, etc.

Owners of small apartments will appreciate the fact that with some images on the floor you can visually expand the space.



To care for 3D floors, there are no rules. To do this, the usual recommendations are suitable: Manual or mechanized cleaning; The number of cleans is not limited to, clean up as needed; You can use a variety of cleaning products; To 3D floors served for a long time, a couple of times a year, apply Polish or mastic.


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