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New and modern technology of decorative ceiling  that can cary loud up to 100 kg / m2. Easy and fast installation (time saving). Single piece max 50 m2. ECO friendly and 100% waterproof.


The material used for the installation of stretch ceilings, allows you to create not just a smooth coating, but also multi-level compositions of bizarre shapes. Multi-level ceilings allow to solve such problems as the concealment of communications and the division of the room into functional areas.


Depending on their texture, there are matt, glossy, satin, fabric and stretch ceilings with photo printing.

Matt stretch ceiling

This ceiling features a perfectly flat surface, reminiscent of painted plaster. The advantage of this design is the absence of glare and refraction of light, as well as the complete invisibility of the seams that are formed during the soldering of the canvases. High aesthetic quality make matte stretch ceilings are essential in creating an elegant and classic interior.


Glossy (mirror) stretch ceiling

Glossy stretch ceiling-the best choice if you want to visually raise the height of the room and make it lighter. Regardless of the color, this film is similar to a pure water surface, which reflects each photon of lighting — both day and artificial.


Satin stretch ceiling

This option can be called a compromise between matte and glossy stretch ceiling. Its main feature — soft pearl Shine, giving the room a gentle glow of pearls or silk. The absence of sharp shadows allows the use of satin coating to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.


Stretch ceiling with photo printing

Ceiling with photo printing-an amazing opportunity to realize any design ideas by placing on the ceiling image in high quality. It can be sky, flowers, birds, butterflies, landscape, world map, skyscrapers, children's pictures or abstractions. It is important to combine such a beautiful stretch ceiling with the rest of the interior, without overloading the space with large details.


Translucent stretch ceiling 

Continuously pouring from the ceiling surface the flow of light is able to radically transform the situation in the room. Luminous suspended ceiling in some cases will completely abandon the use of other lighting devices.


Starry sky stretch ceiling 

"Starry sky" - the most expensive and spectacular version of the stretch ceiling. This design is not just a beautiful PVC film, but a whole complex of innovative systems and materials. But there are other options for realizing the possibility of contemplating outer space at home. There are more and less expensive, using high-tech and the simplest materials. Any of these options requires labor and time, but allows you to create a masterpiece with your own hands, which the whole family will admire for many years.

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