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Epoxy metallic flooring & Counter tops

Here is where every design is different every time. Infinite choice of colors that can be look like marbles, corian tops & just plane metallic look on your floor & counter tops. 

With our epoxy flooring system we give our clients warranty that the color will remain as it is.


Advantages of epoxy floors it is easy to understand why epoxy floors are very popular. It is enough only to get acquainted with their main advantages. 



The advantages of using this type of flooring

  • epoxy floors are easy to clean and clean-dirt from them is much easier to remove than laminate or parquet;

  • the material does not react to temperature fluctuations – its quality and performance properties are not lost, which allows you to use the coating in saunas, unheated rooms;

  • when installing the self-leveling floor does not appear joints and gaps, and therefore does not accumulate dirt, do not settle pathogens;

  • complete absence of seams-no need to use the sills;

  • high strength and wear resistance-epoxy floors are decades without loss of external decorative characteristics;

  • the material is not afraid of chemicals - epoxy floor is not afraid of acids or alkalis;

  • epoxy floors do not smell, except for the drying time after application;

  • excellent performance waterproofing – also the advantage of using such a coating. The material can be laid without waterproofing works.


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